Local Businesses

Penboyr School has excellent working partnerships with a number of local businesses. These encompass a variety of cross curricular learning experiences which benefit our pupils, providing them with invaluable opportunities for success.

Having this wide range of specialist expertise inspires pupils and challenges their skills and digital skills and enriches their educational experiences.

We are delighted to have close working partnerships with local businesses such as Stiwdio Box, Angelsoft, Meinir Mathias, our artist in residence, The National Wool Museum, etc…

To find out more about these local businesses, click on the links below to visit their websites:-

Stiwdiobox http://www.stiwdiobox.co.uk
We bought our radio station from Marc Griffiths Cymru FM. We upload our programmes to Stiwdiobox to be broadcast on Cymru FM. Marc is always available to help us.

Angelsoft http://www.angelsoft.co.uk
Angelsoft is an Advisory Service that provide schools with ICT Solutions and services. Angelsoft produce resources that address the find and analyse strand in our ICT curriculum. The team are always available to help and offer advice.

Meinir Mathias http://meinirmathias.co.uk
Meinir is our artist in residence. She often comes into school to work on new projects with the pupils.

We are fortunate that we are close to the National Wool Museum and are often involved in workshops and initiatives provided by the museum.