Sports Ambassadors

This is a scheme run in Wales by the Sport Wales, it is a nationwide scheme introduced in 2006, although not adopted in Wales until 2009. Ysgol Penboyr joined the scheme in 2011.  

Each school chooses their sports ambassadors from pupils in Year 6. It is usually 2 ambassadors each year, however for the last two years we have chosen four.  

The children attend a training day specifically designed to inspire them and to give them ideas on how to promote sport and healthy lifestyle in school. They then bring their knowledge back to school and run sports/games clubs [under supervision] once or twice a week during lunchtime to teach new skills to groups of children.  

The aim of the scheme is ‘to empower and inspire young people to become role models and leaders through sport, by developing their confidence and skills in order to increase physical participation in others’.  

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