At Penboyr we make e-safety a priority. We believe that learning to stay safe on line is of paramount importance to protect and educate pupils in their use of technology to ensure safe and positive use, not only on the internet but with other communication technologies both in and out of school.
Technology enhances learning and with the rapid development of emerging technologies, we at Penboyr educate and make pupils aware of the risks and responsibilities of staying safe.
The internet is an invaluable resource and it is used by all pupils in Penboyr school. We use a filtering system to prevent pupils using inappropriate sites. We often have a visit from P.C. Cath, our local policewoman, who comes to talk to the children about the dangers on line. We also have e-safety talks and films in school to constantly raise awareness of online risks. Our pupils are supervised at all times when using the internet in school.
Pupils learn not to publish their personal details and information on line, and are encouraged to use anonymous ‘cyber names’ if need be. Not to upload photographs and videos of themselves or other people, but to create avatars of themselves instead. Pupils are made aware of the dangers and consequences of clicking inadvertently on any advert or games and signing in to sites that they are not familiar with, and also to never meet with someone who they have just met online! Awareness is made about cyber bullying and pupils are encouraged to tell a trusted adult if such event occurs.
Every effort is made to ensure that all pupils in Penboyr school remain safe on line and control their on line experiences effectively with all the e-safety challenges that might arise.

Our e-safety website: https://penboyr.j2bloggy.com/Y-Dyfodol-Yn-Ein-Dwylo/?doing_wp_cron=1682934696.9460549354553222656250

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